Factors That Cause Acne

Acne is a condition that affects the skin. It causes spots to appear mostly on the face, and that may cause self-esteem issues in people who have it. Many people feel like they will never have beautiful glowing skin that is free of the blemishes and the scars. That may lead to the lack of self-confidence. There are many remedies for the condition, but patients are encouraged to find out the cause of the acne before treating it. Here are some of the reasons that may cause an acne outbreak


Hormonal acne is the leading cause of the condition. Women are more susceptible to the disease as compared to men because they have a higher hormonal level. That explains why most women will break out when they are in their menstrual cycle or when they are pregnant. The other times, their skin may be oily but smooth. Some medications reduce the level of hormones in the body, and that may regulate the outbreak.


Individuals who work in environments that expose them to grease may have acne if they keep touching their faces. For example, people who work in fast foods joints where they will touch grease from the fries and other foods are likely to get acne when they touch their faces. This is because the grease will clog their pores. People who have kept their hands from their faces have reported a tremendous difference in their skin.


Sometimes, the pimples could be as a result of not cleaning the face properly. The fewer times people wash their faces, the more likely they are going to experience an outbreak. A proper routine of cleaning the face is therefore encouraged so as to maintain the condition. Some of the things that can be done include, exfoliating, a deep cleansing therapy and simply washing the face in the morning and before bed.


Whatever we eat comes out of the body, and some of it makes its way to the sweat glands. The bacteria that is pushed out needs to be washed off. However, sometimes, cleaning is not enough. Patients who are on an unhealthy diet are advised to make changes if they have acne to see a difference. Greasy foods like chips and pizza have been found to bring about acne or even worsen the condition. The fats block the pores, therefore, causing an outbreak. Eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits will help to improve the health of the skin.