Having the HIV was considered a death sentence when it was first discovered. However, over time, people have found ways to live with it. Individuals with the virus can live a healthy life just like everyone else. It does not deprive them of their capabilities to do what they were able to do before contracting it. Below are some of the tips that patients can use to lead a long and healthy life.

Take HIV Treatment

There is no cure for the virus; however, the medication keeps it under control, hence keeping the immunity system strong. In the past, the drugs that were administered to patients with the virus had serious adverse side effects on the patients. However, the modern medication is much better. If drugs have persistent side effects on the patients, they can switch to other drugs that suit them. Once patients start taking the drugs, it is advisable to take them every day so that they can work effectively.

Eat Healthy

People living with the virus should aim at being on a healthy diet. Their foods should not have too much sugar, salt or fats. It may be hard to adjust, but it is worth a try. Individuals who are underweight, overweight or have any dietary concerns are advised to seek professional help from nutritionists so that they can be given a food program that will help them. Patients are advised to take plenty of fruits and vegetables to provide them with mineral and vitamins. In addition to that, they should take protein such as lean meat like fish and chicken, and some dairy products like meat, yogurt, and cheese.

Exercise And Keep Fit

Being fit is important for patients because it helps them in so many ways. For example, muscles are built, and the bones are kept strong. Moreover, fats are burned therefore keeping the heart healthy. Some patients may lose muscle mass and their strength; however, exercising keeps that from happening. As people get older, exercise is important because it helps them to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes which can be common among people with the virus. Exercising also helps to reduce symptoms of stress and depression.


Emotional health is as important as physical health. Therefore, patients should come to terms with the virus and look for ways to take care of themselves. Support from family and friends could help them to deal with the shock and accept the diagnosis. Having a positive attitude will help the patients to cope with the disease better.